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[Music Video] Bitter Bones – “Hell Bent”

[Music Video] Bitter Bones – “Hell Bent”

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Bitter Bones is an artist that has been really putting his foot forward in regards to moving his career in the right direction. He is a person that is not afraid to touch on serious topics that most rappers stay away from. With that being said ,”Hell Bent” the single/video speaking of Mental Health Awareness is finally here.

“Hell Bent” has a powerful message to people showing that they do not struggle alone. Bitter Bones has collected footage of people all over the world telling their stories. 5/31 is the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month and we are hoping with the help of you guys we might be able to help people break their silence.

This video will chance the way you think about Mental Health click the play button to watch the video right now.


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