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Starmade Day Shows Us How His Ambitions Drives Everything In New Visuals For, “The Jets”

Starmade Day Shows Us How His Ambitions Drives Everything In New Visuals For, “The Jets”

Wednesday, 15 May 2019
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    When you are born and raised where Hip Hop was birthed you may experience life changing events that will help mold you into the best version of yourself. The Bronx is known to create many talented artist like Starmade Day. The CEO of the M.A.D.E (My Ambition Drives Everything) independent record label release the new visuals for the single, “The Jets”. With many soulful and positive messages in the lyrics, this Bronx native consistently reminds us how and why to dream big. Day is known for his insightful and powerful lyrics that push people to stay focused and how to use your life story to always motivate you. You can see for yourself in some of the bars below:

    “When I talk the real gone listen because I say it with my chest. Some people can’t relate because they didn’t grow up in the jets. I’m just tryna make it out, take this music air it out. Nothing like these niggas out here doing shit for clout. Shit, you choose the life you live and me I took a different route I’m just hoping that you feel me these beats I do em filthy. Ain’t gone let you niggas turn my sky into a ceiling. Nigga yea im willing to take over the building, gotta do this for my children. You gotta know ya worth and shit I’m worth a couple million.”

    Throughout the song, he effortlessly motivates you to know your worth, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. This talented wordsmith’s lyrics touch and empower you in many ways. Day uses music as a tool to encourage the youth and push the culture.

    Growing up in the projects inspired me to shoot the video there to bring what I was speaking to life. As young boys growing up in the hood we needed to see live motivation to push us to stay into sports or whatever creative so we don’t get caught up in gangs or doing other things we could get caught up in growing up in the hood. Shine light on a place most people scared to enter but so much talent comes from the worst places we are placed and it ain’t east tryna make it out of the projects. Loosing my family members to violence in a whole inspired me to motivate the youth in the hood.
    Also working with kids in the juvenile system for 7 years taught me a lot.”

    Check out the new visuals for “The Jets” below!

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