Montana Of 300 – Pray For The Devil
Chris2pher – Interlude (EP)

Chris2pher – Interlude (EP)

Monday, 06 May 2019

As Atlanta continues to have a strong foothold in today’s music, more and more fresh face are coming out of The A to the top of the charts like the newest sensation Chris2pher. With his breakout single, “One Reason” rallying an impressive fanbase, the up-and-coming drops a five-track body of work to formally introduce himself to Hip Hop, properly-titled, Interlude.

For his first time, Chris2pher sticks to the winning format of impressive wordplay, catchy regional lingo, and charm. Along with “One Reason”, Chris2pher accompanies the lead with strong collection including breakout tracks, “Young N*$$#” and “W/Luv”. A great first impression that many will enjoy upon first hear.

Stream the new EP below, courtesy of Spotify.


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