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New Music: Gromo x Hush – “Hurry”

New Music: Gromo x Hush – “Hurry”

Tuesday, 12 February 2019
New Music

“Hurry” is the latest release from NYC-based artist Gromo, the direct follow-up to the previous “RIP”. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, on “Hurry”, Gromo follows a similar upbeat formula with a healthy dose of brilliantly infused R&B, Electronic, and Pop sound to produce another hit. On the track, Gromo, alongside vocalist Hush, serenade love interest looking beautiful in her black dress on the runway, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the duo.

Gromo on the making of “Hurry”:

‘Hurry’ was inspired by New York “Boom Bap” style production. I have always dug gospel music and the emotions within, so I wanted to incorporate a soulful vocal sample in the song. Everything is built around the vocal sample. Drums are second nature to me, I’ve always had a keen understanding of drum programming and how to make them more humanized with techniques such as swing and velocity changes. When people listen to the song, I want them to feel uplifted that it takes over their soul and elevates the day-to-day stress. That is my main goal whenever I produce a song.

Gromo is quickly becoming a fast-rising artist within his niche containing next-gen dance production and consistency. “Hurry” is a radio-friendly track that can potentially sit at the top of the charts on any genre as it grows in popularity throughout 2019. Level up, “Hurry” is available now via Gromo’s own imprint.

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Stream “Hurry” below, courtesy of Spotify.


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