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Majestic Drama – World Full of Drama [LP]

Majestic Drama – World Full of Drama [LP]

Monday, 28 January 2019
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January is filled with many new artists campaigning for a breakout new year. Eager to make a big splash in 2019 is fast-rising producer known as Majestic Drama. Building his foundation with plenty of East Coast recording artists, the 28-year-old producer is ready to take his talents to the spotlight with the release of his first full-length album, titled, ‘World Full of Drama’.

The debut album from the Dakar, Senegal-by-way-of-New York City beatsmith features guest appearances by fellow up-and-coming acts Oga Silachi, Kash Beats, La Chaleur, Denzel, and Elshay. The Senegalese American seeks to make an undeniable statement as he prepares to takeover Hip-Hop with his incredible new sound.

World Full of Drama is an intriguing listen from beginning to end. Drama delivers a much-talked-about performance behind the boards with his refreshing new sound. Infusing so many different elements of sound including afrobeats, dance, jazz, traditional Hip-Hop while compiling a must-hear electrifying complete body of work. Making a buzzworthy first impression to today’s Hip-Hop.

World Full of Drama is available now via Drama Club Entertainment. For more on Majestic Drama, follow the new producer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Stream Majestic Drama’s new album below, courtesy of Spotify.


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