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[Music Video] City Lyfe – “Lyfe In Da City”

[Music Video] City Lyfe – “Lyfe In Da City”

Thursday, 03 January 2019
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City Lyfe is one of Arizona’s top-tier female artist with a style that is off the chain. Her bars are powerful with double meaning, her voice stands out among all the noise putting her right in that hip-hop superstar conversation.

City Lyfe was also just selected to be a part of United Masters which is a huge move for her career. United Masters is owned by music mogul Steve Shoute and its a is an American artist service and music distribution company providing digital distribution, marketing services, and data analytics. They have a deal with the NBA to place independent artist music within NBA highlight clips.

The name of the video she has just dropped is called “Lyfe In Da City” and its something to look at. We would like to call it a mind-blowing visual. Hit that play button to see what the video is hitting for.

Watch “Lyfe in Da City” now.


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