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New Music: Tonoso – “Don’t Wait For My Love”

New Music: Tonoso – “Don’t Wait For My Love”

Tuesday, 25 December 2018
New Music

After making their debut back in September, newly-formed L.A. duo known as Tonoso follow up a grand opening with a second effort to close out the year in the single, “Relics”.

“Relics” carries a groovy tune that is infused with funk, electric soul, and smooth bass. While taking ingredients from the old school, Tonoso delivers a catchy sing-a-long vocal that will surely make the duo a group to watch in the new year. “Relics” is a hit, smooth, effortless, fun, and thrilling from beginning to end.

The new single also features a guest appearance from talented recording artist Spot Collins. “Relics” is available now via OSOTYT. Looking for a great new group to follow in 2019, Tonoso should definitely be a favorite choice for any Hip-Hop lover. Tonoso has already promised more new music at the top of the year and an anticipated new full-length project. For more on Tonoso, follow the up-and-coming group on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Stream “Don’t Wait For My Love” by Tonoso below, courtesy of Spotify.


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