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Danger Zone Release Gripping Single, Where he speaks on Turning His pain to Purpose

Danger Zone Release Gripping Single, Where he speaks on Turning His pain to Purpose

Wednesday, 05 December 2018
New Music

Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising act check it out below

“All that is broken” emotionally charged record, was this record therapeutic for you?

Absolutely, when the family heard that Romes health condition was getting worse, everyone was absolutely stunned. We simply could not believe the fact that there was a chance that we could lose our baby girl Rome. I spend every day with Rome until I was absolutely certain that she was going to be okay. Writing “All that’s broken” essentially allowed me to fully express the pain I felt while seeing Rome in such a critical condition. I was beyond thankful to see that Rome was blessed to see a second chance at life. When I wrote the song I wanted the listeners to see that no matter what obstacles life throws at you there is always a reason to smile and it is vitally important to cherish each and every moment because life is short and you never know if the next day will be your last. My goal is to teach people to cherish each and every blessing no matter how small those blessings may be.

“All That Is Broken” serves as a memorandum almost to your daughter, are there any causes attached to this record that fans need to know about?

Rome is actually my younger cousin, but I truly do love her as If she was my daughter. You see, for a vast majority of my life, I struggled severely with depression and anxiety. Ultimately, I had absolutely no aspirations towards anything in any way shape or form. I was honestly starting to feel as if there was no hope. In my head I slowly began to become my own worst enemy. Then my life was blessed in the greatest way possible.

I was introduced to Rome, and I was informed about her heart condition. That immediately changed my entire mindset. On that day I made a promise to myself and to Rome. I was like you know what if I dont do anything else right in life, I’m going to do all I can to inspire this precious little angel no matter what life may throw at me. Thanks to Rome I’ve been able to live a life filled with love peace and happiness.I love Rome because she literally saved my life. Words cant even express how thankful I am to have her in my life. We reached out to the american heart association and the american cancer society in an attempt to raise money for both cancer patients and cardiac patients. Although no agreement has been made with these organizations at the moment we are hoping that everything goes as planned.

Switching gears, let’s focus on your overall sound for those who may not be familiar with you?

To begin I would honestly have to describe my sound as human. When I go into creation mode I honestly write about what I may have experienced recently whether it may be sorrowful, happy, fun or maybe I just happened to learn something that day. For example, for some of my more personal tracks, I love to incorporate intricate string melodies sometimes layered with piano and acoustic guitar. That goes back to my love for classical music as well. Granite I’m a hip-hop artist, I’ve always loved the way classic pieces sound, I’ve always loved the beauty that resides within each and every single melody. Therefore I tried to incorporate a classical element into my music. The one thing strived for sonically was to not confine me into a box. Which is exactly why I can literally rap over any form of production. There are absolutely no limitations for me as an artist. Yes, I am totally aware of the fact that I may sound overzealous or overconfident, but the promise that I made to Rome allowed me to see that I am fully capable of doing whatever I put my mind to as long as its positive. So, of course, I got a few tracks where I show my competitive side with hard-hitting production but for the most part, my sound has more of a storytelling vibe and the overall quality of my music Is bound to touch the hearts and minds of each and every listener

How did you get your start in music?

When I was younger I began to develop a passion for poetry. Essentially writing poetry became my escape from the emotional battles that I would face on a daily basis. Every time my pen would touch a sheet of paper I would always feel safe because writing provided me with an outlet for self expression. Writing allowed me to feel comfortable and eliminated my fear of being judged and allowed me to feel like i belonged and allowed me to love myself.
During my junior year of high school the poetry eventually transformed into raps.
Thinking back to the promise that I made to Rome, I pushed myself in a way that resulted in me graduating a year early. Although my graduation day was intended to celebrate academic success, I performed what would eventually become a song called “Hear my Prayer” which features my good friend Djoir Jordan. The song was featured on my debut album truth revealed which was released March 23rd, 2017. Understanding that music is a universal language I am hoping to do all I can to use music to change the world for the better.

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