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New Album: @RIP_ZE – Still N.U.M.B.

New Album: @RIP_ZE – Still N.U.M.B.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Still NUMB cover

Today, we bring you New York singer, songwriter and rapper Ze and his new project titled, “Still N.U.M.B.”. Hailing from New Paltz, New York the artist offers up a burst of melodic flows and introspective lyrics over psychedelic and inducing production. With influences of a stoner mentality such as Curren$y and a hypnotizing rapper such as Future, Zè makes his official return after a 2 year hiatus with a versatile piece of work. Formally recording under the moniker “Zae Miles” with a mixtape in 2016 titled “Exit 18”, the rapper looks to make a splash on the scene with this new offering. Zè dives deep into the project expressing his experiences of love, his vices and heartbreak along with situations around him. Tune in below…


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