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White Plains, NY has plenty of talent! Get to know Klassik Poet

White Plains, NY has plenty of talent! Get to know Klassik Poet

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Coming off a strong A3C performance on Sprats “Respect The Plug” stage, Klassik Poet looks to close out 2018 with a bang. White Plains, New York seems to have a wide variety of artists coming up right now and an artist catching some attention is Klassik Poet. One listen and you can tell the artist is a fan and student of hip hop, from his lyrical bars, flow and production selection. Collaborating with other fellow New York artists, the 21 year old artist has started to rack up some numbers on all platforms and looks to expand on all of it. With a new single out now from Klassik Poet and CYN’s own Niko Brim, Klassik Poet looks to stir up some more noise before he unleashes a new project titled, “Before Things Get Weird”.

Twitter: @KlassikPoet_
Instagram: @KlassikPoet


We took the time out during the event and caught up with Klassik Poet for some questions, check it out below…

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Many might not be familiar with you quite yet, who is Klassik Poet?

Klassik Poet. Is a young storyteller, nothing in my music is too far fetched from who I really am as a human being, I’m an artist that can either make you think deeply about life or send you on a nostalgic trip to euphoria. I’m a black man building my legacy before all of this, then i’m an artist who wants to impact the lives of people who listen to even 5 seconds of any song. Klassik Poet is a visionary

Where did you grow up and where do you now call home?

I was Born and raised in White Plains, New York, a city in West Chester County or as we like to call it the 914, our area in general is home to the likes of The LOX, Mary J Blige, DMX, Heavy D, Pete Rock and many others. The 914 is still currently my home, though I’m starting to travel more I still reside in the area.

What can we expect from Klassik Poet?

I’m currently working on a project entitled “BEFORE THINGS GET WEIRD” which should be finished by the top of the new year, I personally feel like it’s a unique body of work which for people who have been following me could sense overall growth in my sound, I also feel like this could be the first project to officially introduce me onto the scene for new followers but we’ll just wait and see.

You have a new song out with a young artist in Niko Brim of CYN, what’s your affiliation with Niko and the rest of the CYN team?

I have a new song “SHOW ME SOMETHING” featuring my brother Niko Brim which you can find exclusively on SoundCloud, its currently heating up the streets of our area, Niko also being from the 914. I honestly know all of them through Niko, that’s his family, my best friend and Model/Musician Rashon Kamari is also an original member so just being around them on the regular exposed me to the collective, but shout-out to them, all very hard working young men achieving greatness.

How would you characterize your music for those that have never heard it before?

My music, I like to describe it is a film on record, many people after listening to a song of mine let me know how they could picture and visualize everything I said, that’s how you want your records to sound, I feel if people can’t take away mental image from your song then it’s not relatable or it doesn’t register enough. My music is also very abstract and infectious, you may not always know exactly what I mean but you will find yourself really singing along like you know.

Is SXSW in the plans in 2019?

SXSW in Austin TX was an absolute vibe last year, It’s a high probability that I make an appearance again this upcoming year, this time I’m bringing my hometown crew 242 with me, all dope creatives and we’re going to leave our marks !

For all the new fans, what’s one must hear record from you?

This one is hard because I’m very versatile in my music, I don’t just have one set style. If I had one song though that I think a new fan would enjoy, it would be “We, Generation” a song off of my 2017 debut project “Gemini’s & Flowetries” that song does very well during performances but shit after that bump Yours Truly, Real Ones, Show Me Something ALL THE KLASSIKS.

Favorite artist of all time?

Kendrick Lamar, we have the same birthday June 17th.

Favorite project of all time?

Very hard question so many timeless albums, illmatic, Get Rich or Die Tryin, Nothing was the same, Doggystyle, Enter the 36 Chambers all get honorable mentions but since I said K Dot was my favorite artist, I will say To Pimp A Butterfly, that’s a very underrated and innovative effort that is the gem sandwiched between a monstrous debut and an even more monstrous follow up.


Check out Klassik Poet and Niko Brim latest record, “Show Me Something” below


Faces in the Crowd showcase at SOBs in New York City on August 22, 2018. Shot by Teemonee.

Faces in the Crowd showcase at SOBs in New York City on August 22, 2018. Shot by Teemonee.

Faces in the Crowd showcase at SOBs in New York City on August 22, 2018. Shot by Teemonee.

Faces in the Crowd showcase at SOBs in New York City on August 22, 2018. Shot by Teemonee.


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