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Beezy BM 23 talks brand new project “Waddup Tho”

Beezy BM 23 talks brand new project “Waddup Tho”

Tuesday, 06 November 2018
New Music

Beezy BM 23 releases brand new project “Waddup Tho” Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising act

1. “Trappin In Paris” is a dope record, the production is very cinematic and lyrics are married perfectly, is that going to be the lead single?

No that is not going to be my lead single but it is one of the songs I planned to to a video for as well as 2 other songs off the project. “Move” is actually the lead single. I have been performing it since last year and have been getting a great response so I felt it was only right. The video is out right now which was dropped on Halloween.

2. How did the collaborations with Curren$y and Tory Lanez come about?

Funny I actually did not meet these artist in person I jus remixed the song the was on each artist project. A fellow artist put me on to the Tory Lanez song which my engineer looped part of the beat to where I was able to rap on it. And curren$y always let’s the beat ride on alot of his songs and I felt this song was good for me to go on.

3. “Move” is definitely a banger and obviously pays homage to the Ludacris cut of the same name, but you added a real trap vibe and flipped it. What made you put your spin on that record?

Well the name of my company is Black Movement23 and our mantra is “The Movement is moving, So move it or lose it”. When I got the beat I just wanted to make a trap type song but so much was on my mind about growing my business I felt this was a way to express myself and with a little help from Ludacris (which I just happened to be listening to a week prior) I was able to come up with the hook.

4. ‘Waddup Tho’ has quite a few bangers on it, what can fans expect next, are you planning a tour?

1st off thank you for listening and appreciating the music. I do plan on doing a small city tour and also doing shows outside of New York. Starting mid or late January. I also have new singles I will be dropping at the end of November (Dusse with the soda ft. Cru’cial & Problem) and another one at the end of December (Live My Life ft RenasongZ Musik & Storm Gale)

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