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Stream: HDSG Presents – ‘Street Verified’ (Mixtape)

Stream: HDSG Presents – ‘Street Verified’ (Mixtape)

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Since the early 2000s, Texas has been known for its iconic Southern sound and birthing legends like Scarface, UGK, DJ Screw, Rap-a-Lot Records and so many more. Hoping to continue the Dirty South legacy, HDSG grabs the new age of H-Town Hip-Hop for a brand-new collection, entitled, Street Verified.

Verifying the hottest that Texas has to offer, Street Verified honors the city, establish respect and bares witness to the future of the Lone Star. Led by Young Jeezy-protege Boston George, the mixtape features Poone, Killa Kyleon, KC, Cityy, Rayface, Chucky Trill, Southpark Trap, and Wy_Fy.

On the new mixtape, Boston George says: “We’re just some real ones, that’s verified in these streets that stand on what we talk about aren’t just rappers.”

Legends like Slim Thug speaks on the project, “There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this project.”

Doughbeezy praises the project, “It’s the authenticity. If you know the majority of these dudes, you’ll know that the authenticity will definitely set them apart.”

Stream ‘Street Verified’ below, courtesy of Spotify.


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