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New Music: Aire Atlantica Ft. Remy – “Venice”

New Music: Aire Atlantica Ft. Remy – “Venice”

Sunday, 21 October 2018
New Music

Emerging indie artist Aire Atlantica is riding a wave with the release of his new EP, Etiquette. Campaigning the new collection, Aire links up with talented recording artist Remy for a trip to the sunny beach of Los Angeles on the new single, “Venice”.

“Venice” is a crafty single, a testament to the fast-living lifestyle on the West Coast. Soothing sounds, mid-tempo energy, and well-verse appeal. “Venice” is easily identified as the breakout track on the new project. Aire Atlantica is easily becoming one of the most recognizable new acts to come out of the West.

Etiquette is a four-track effort inspired by Aire’s journey alongside friends and family in the City of Angels. Receiving rave reviews, the rising star spoke on the journey behind the creation in the following quote.

“Etiquette to me is a strong word that I relate with: it represents a unique level of class, self awareness and energy that I connect myself to not only throughout life but in my music and art as well. In terms of this project, the songs were created while growing and refining with other musicians and sharing a love for a specific art.”

Stream “Venice” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.


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