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New Music: Cherry Boy – “Damaged Goods”

New Music: Cherry Boy – “Damaged Goods”

Friday, 12 October 2018
New Music

New Washington-based group Cherry Boy has been making a lot of noise in 2018 following the breakout release of their buzzworthy EP, Infatuation. Continuing to campaign their big break, gassed by the body of work’s popularity, Cherry Boy releases the latest single in the deeply-rooted musical number, creatively-titled, “Damaged Goods”.

“Damaged Goods” introduces a wide variety of elements including Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Jazz. Showing the new group’s vast knowledge in music and putting together the perfect track as “Damaged Goods” is just that. The track describes the troubled past of the female love interest as they breakdown her untrustworthy persona as she has been hurt before and won’t stand for any tricks or one-liners. A trait that many women carry today that makes the new single a must-hear. The perfect jumping-on point for any newfound fan of the group.

Briefing on Cherry Boy, the group includes childhood friends Jack Dearth and Collin Johnson. Both familiar backgrounds of Jazz and concert band experience. Collin performs the vocals along with the trombone and trumpet while Jack shows off on the bass and guitar. Rounding out the group is Greg Maltsberger. Cherry Boy credits their sound heavily to the classic Motown sound blended with a couple of modern day influences. Four years in the making, Cherry Boy made its debut back in February with Dylan Wall.

A visual presentation for “Damaged Goods” is slated for a early 2019 unveil, along with promise of a follow-up single to the soon-to-be hit around the corner. Infatuation is available now for stream via Spotify. For more on Cherry Boy, follow the group on Instagram for up to the minute news.

Stream “Damaged Goods” below, courtesy of Soundcloud.


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