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Olumide Talks New Single ” Jump Man”

Olumide Talks New Single ” Jump Man”

Monday, 08 October 2018
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Olumide never saw music as a career choice when he began making music with his brother in high school. Now aggressively pursuing his musical career, the DMV native has achieved 1.2 million streams on Pandora and has even partnered with Soundcloud’s premier program. It was the success of Chief Keef that inspired Olumide to look at music differently. “Chief literally led the new era of completely raw/unproduced talent succeeding without a label.” Says Olumide.


His 17-track mixtape #BeenDope confirmed the rapper’s ability to succeed as a musician. The 2015 project saw success on Spinrilla, receiving 175,276 views, 4,919 streams, and 2,394 downloads and on YouTube with tracks “Coolin” and “PG Brothas” both achieving over 50k views. Inspired by the sounds of T.I., Kevin Gates, Jeezy, and The Game, Olumide continues to create music, collaborating with whoever he believes has the power to “influence the track with their sound.” Recent collaborations have included Grxzzly, King Gator, Anna Mvze, Ciscero, and more.


Having performed at Baltimore Soundstage twice, opening for Curren$y and Lil King G, Olumide knows there is a lot of work ahead. The young musician says he’s done with EP’s and ready to release a full project. Olumide believes he has established a firm foundation and is excited to shock his fans with new content and features. Ultimately, he hopes to get to the point where he can do what he loves full time. Aspiring to use his music to create opportunities for the people around him who have shown him continued support.

Lucky for us we were able to interview the rising act as he discussed he new

The heavy bassline is very reminiscent of old school New York Hip-Hop but your flow comes through very southern, who are some of your influences?  

Definitely influenced by the south with a bit of east and west. Influences: T.I., 50 Cent, Chamillionaire, The Game, The Dream, Kevin Gates, Jeezy
“Jump Man” in my opinion is like a musical double entendre because the beat and lyrics are very street but have a soulful uplifting feel to it as well, reminiscent of what Jay-Z did with “Bring It On”, was that intentional?

That’s a dope comparison! And a great breakdown. Honestly it wasn’t intentional. I think the uplifting feel just comes from my natural way of life and persona. I’m always trynna delivery a message for the most part, even if it’s just one line. The area I’m from is real “hard” – our sound is still developing but one things for sure is we like “hard” instrumentals and anything we can attach “crank” to as a description of what we just heard.

So that style mixed with my style of, I guess – a head with sense in it and my points of views – this is how we naturally come to the feelings my songs deliver.

In your own words how would you describe your sound?

I guess that’s a bit answered in 2 but my sound I would honestly say is: Substance that you can still enjoy. Never trynna preach, never trynna always deliver positivity. But I know I always have to be saying SOMETHING. Whether it’s sticking to a concept or delivery a message – you gotta be able to take something away as a listener otherwise what’s the point. Definitely gonna get all sorts of stuff from me though – all my tracks are always feelings and hearing a beat to match the mood/idea.

Your style is so complex because you have songs like “Jump Man” that has the ability to make you think and then you have club bangers like “Slang” that can make the whole club move; as a artist how would you describe what you are bringing to the game overall?

Literally what I was just saying. My style/sound varies so much it’s hard to put a label on it. I sometimes wonder if that makes it hard to market as well. But we’ll see.

Thank you for checking out Slang too I really appreciate that!

As an artist, I’d say I’m just bringing real to the game. I know that sounds dumb cliche and probably tired but that’s honestly me. I don’t care enough to lie or fake anything and I have too much common sense and sense in general to put poison out in the world and not know how that is effecting lives.

When I first started this I told myself, even if it’s just 1 life that is changed through my music for the better then aye, I’m happy with that. From me you’re gonna get songs. I say songs because I feel like a lot of what’s coming out today are no longer that. Even down to the structure and like hook verse hook verse bridge etc – I need that and love when producers understand that as well. You’re just gonna always get quality from me and with this new videocamera I just bought – everyone will see.


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