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Johnny  Whatever Sits Down With us to talk Purpose

Johnny Whatever Sits Down With us to talk Purpose

Monday, 08 October 2018
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Johnny Whatever Sits Down With us to talk Purpose and all plans moving Forward

  1. Were your personal trials and tribulations the inspiration behind Purpose? 
    Partially… there were a lot of things in my head at that time, but I think something as fundamental as a thirst for purpose stirs in everyone for a while… I was just at a crossroads in my life. Debating wether to continue pursuing the dream or to be more committed to a 9-5 and that frustration amongst other things I think is what gave birth to the Purpose verse.
    Thinking out loud I guess. 
  2. You talk about walking a path that was difficult and how we as a society are losing value for books etc , would you consider yourself to be more of a conscious artist?
    I don’t ever want to put myself in a box.
    I definitely have strong conscious influences and that often comes across. I just feel like if I took the label and said I was a conscious rapper I’d be letting the purists down. I wouldn’t be the perfect conscious artist because I have too many sides.
    I like to rap in so many styles and about so many topics that I must be something different.
    With that said, I will never compromise the intelligence. It doesn’t always have to be smart, but it will NEVER be dumb.
    Every verse gets penned with standards and it’s been my experience that it’s a style that gets respected across every subset of hiphop.
  3. Who are your top 3 artists in any genre that you would say inspire you?
    I’m a culmination of wayyyyy more than 3 artists influence so this question hurts to answer.
    But Tupac will always be #1 for teaching me to rap with power & passion.
    #2 has to be Eminem for the wordplay. For The story telling and technical skill set alone.
    And(dolla) Roderick Anthony Burton 3rd. May he Rest In Peace.
    He gets #3 for the flavor.
    I always loved his style and I believe he would have been a monster in the game if he had more time.
  4. When can we expect a completed project ? Do you have any features on this project ?Loose Ends – The Rough Tape”
    We’re calling it a mixtape but with no features id say it’s more of a patchwork of emotions, moments and ideas from the passed year that I just had bottled up. I’m learning the hard way that no project may ever be perfect. So I decided to take a step back from that, and not shoot for perfection. To just have fun and do what I love. With that said We’re on track for release in December.
    Get it buzzing and capitalize in 2019 is the plan.

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