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Money Carsin releases brand single “Sedan” off #MMC Project

Money Carsin releases brand single “Sedan” off #MMC Project

Monday, 01 October 2018
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Money Carsin has been a man on the move for many years; not even a Division 1 scholarship could keep this man out of the studio. After pursuing college, Money was on his grind harder than ever by appearing on mix tapes throughout the Tri-state area. He has appeared on mixtapes hosted by the legendary Dame Grease, DJ Alamo, DJ Superstar Jay and many more. Money has worked with various industry producers such as Leon “Pop Traxx” Huff Jr. & Rock and Roll Hall of famer Leon Huff Sr. just to name a few. In 2015, Money worked on projects with Grammy Award winning producer JD Walker (produced for Jason Derulo, Cher, Rocky Fresh and more).

The come up in the music industry did not come easy for Money, however. “As I sat in prison I kept in tune with the music scene. Everyone from my area was working and I loved it but it was tough not being home to be a part of that wave especially since I play a major part in it,” he said. Money continued on to say, “They all had their turn and now it’s simply my turn.”

Lucky for us we were able to interview the rising act
1. Sedan has a get crunk feel to it that has the ability to help chicks get money in the strip club or get hype in the club, was that your intention with “Sedan”?

– Not really, but your right and I’m not mad at that lol my intention was to capture today’s music energy but lyrically still do what I do best with the bars and tell my story.

2. The song is super dope and is surprisingly lyrical when you listen beyond the heavy bass and trap influence,does this set the precedence for the style of your upcoming project?

– thanks. It kinda of does and doesn’t lol it sets the precedence as far as me being lyrical, and telling my story but not boring lyrical throughout the album, but beat wise it doesn’t really represent the album. I have a few different vibes on this project but they still go together well and get my point across.

3. How would you describe your sound overall?

-I’d describe it as hip hop. To me hip hop doesn’t have a certain sound because it evolves. What makes it hip hop is when the artist tells his and his crew / family story. I just talk my talk for me, my people and whoever else can relate. So it’s Hip Hop.

4. Who is the producer you teamed up with for this track because you two seem to have a good chemistry?

– Pryme and Keys from NYC produced the record. They have a lot of solid placements in the industry and They’ve been rocking with me and showing me love since I started. We go way back so the chemistry is always there even if we don’t rock out for a year or so we stay on the same page.

Check out the track here

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