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New Music: Volume 4 – “Mood”

New Music: Volume 4 – “Mood”

Thursday, 27 September 2018
New Music

Volume 4 is incredible, edgy, and the missing piece of R&B that hasn’t been seen since Destiny’s Child. Storming through the East Coast, the beautiful foursome of Brittany “Janelle Gee” Garcia, Tamia “Frenchiee” Corpening, Karissa “K.Riss” Hayden, and Diera “DK” Taylor create a buzz with the new single, “Mood”.

An anthem, “Mood”, Volume 4 describes how to rule the world and secure the bag at the same time. Catchy, sexy, and charismatic, the new group is quickly becoming one of the hottest new sensations of 2018. “Mood” follows Volume 4’s previous efforts “Body Work” and “Catch A Vibe”.

Listen to “Mood” above, courtesy of Soundcloud.


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