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Brooklyn artist Tru Story & Bamvito  release Highly anticipated visual for single “Dusse in the Trap”

Brooklyn artist Tru Story & Bamvito release Highly anticipated visual for single “Dusse in the Trap”

Thursday, 27 September 2018
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Money and Violence star Bamvito & artist Tru Story release Highly anticipated visual for single “Dusse in the Trap”

Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising acts

How was the collab between Bam Vito and yourself established?
I actually met Bam at my first showcase back in 2014, from there we was cool ever since. Throughout the years we stayed in touched did various shows together but never collaborated up until now. I reached out to him & although we didn’t actually recorded the track together in the studio it came out pretty dope!. Seeing that we was already familiar with each other’s style of rap played a big role also.

The track definitely has that gritty trap vibe and the visuals to match, would you consider yourself a trap artist or more of a lyricist ?

I consider myself an ALL around artist, I believe I can do it all except singing. Honestly I did come up under the lyricist umbrella, but due to today music climate in modern day hip hop you have be able to switch it up every now & then for the new generation.

Trap music and the crave for trap beats does not seem to be slowing down, Does your upcoming project Tru Story 2 feature more tracks with heavy trap beats?

Have you collabed with any other artists on this project?
There’s a few more on there like this one, but I believe as a full body of work it’s evenly balance for my core audience to enjoy on a everyday basis. Trap beats initially jumps out at the audience because of the high intensity of the beat itself which in turn makes the artist rap as well as perform at a high rate.


Was the producer for this track a mutual connection between Bam vito and yourself? Will the finished project feature more tracks with this producer?

The producer was not mutual, I actually came across this upcoming producer Young Devante @youngdevante1 this year. It’s has some pretty dope beats y’all should go check him out. I got two beats in all on my project from him.

What’s next ?

Look out for my second mixtape Tru Story 2 releasing this year no later than November, I have a lot of upcoming shows & things in store for you guys to so stay tune.

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