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Artist Owp Meech releases brand new single “Run It Up”

Artist Owp Meech releases brand new single “Run It Up”

Thursday, 27 September 2018
New Music

As Artist OwpMeech gears up for the release of a potential Project, hes chosen to release a brand new single Run it up

Lucky for us we were able to briefly interview the rising act

1. The song has a melodic Drake/Future feel to it, was that your goal when you were creating “Run It Up”?

My Goal Was To Create A Record That The Streets Can Vibe Too But can Also be played in the club and radio .

2. The song is super dope and really short, reminds me of the throwback interludes or mini songs that artists used to do back in the day, what made you stop the song at one verse and the hook?

thanks appreciate that, 2 years ago I made this song called “in my bag” which is on SoundCloud but it had one verse too I was in a really good space when I made that song so I just wanted to re-create that vibe with a different pitch to it. sometimes it’s all a vibe with me I don’t really force it.

3. How would you describe your sound overall?

This that New New York Wave right here but honestly I try not to put myself in a box, I can rap with the dave east’s and the don Qs but also give you that melodic vibe too

4. Who is the producer you teamed up with for this track because you two seem to have a good chemistry?

Shout out to YoungFam He’s a Upcoming producer I found him on Instagram really dope .. We Got Some Stuff In The Works So Stay Tuned

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