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Tuesday, 25 September 2018
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With new talent appearing more and more, Hawaii has become a breeding ground for a fresh and youthful sound. If you’re not familiar with Sire aka “KING OF HAWAII”, you’ve been sleeping under a rock. He has long red braids, dripped in designer clothes from head to toe, and walks with a confidence that lets you know why he calls himself the “The King of Hawaii”.
If you did, you may have seen him on Worldstar with his debut video “4N” which got over a million hits. Showing off the breathtaking beaches of Kailua, foreign cars & the beautiful women of Hawaii. If you haven’t seen the video

With his new video “U-Turn” produced by fellow Hawaii artists Keanu and $eth, he gives us a luxurious visual for a single off his newest project “HYDRA”. Directed by Cameron Calistro. Watch below.

Check out a Brief Q and A with the rising artist

1. The entire project seems to tell a story without being intentional, was that the goal when you placed the tracks in order or was it a coincidence?

I placed the first four tracks from oldest to newest. Those were all singles I released with visuals. The rest were placed randomly. I only released this album because my sister was on the phone pressin me to put out songs I’ve shown her in the past. I sent her about 30 songs I had in the vault, and she gave me the yes or no on all of em. I decided to release it that day as an album.

2. Although the entire project is pretty dope, the two songs that seem to stand out are “Aquafina” and the radio friendly hit “Brand New”, are these the lead singles for your project?

“AQUAFIIINA” is a dope song, but I actually was in the studio trying to re-write my verse and the hook quite a few times. I still ended up using the original track. I didn’t think a lot of people would bump that one, but I been getting a lot of good feedback on it. “BRAND NEW” was a song I did in the moment. As I was laying it I could picture it playing on the radio.

3. How would you describe your sound overall?

My sound is whatever I want it to be. Sometimes I wanna sing, sometimes I wanna rap. There’s no genres to me anymore. I just create with my brothers.

4. You and SETH have an amazing chemistry and I noticed have teamed up for quite a few bangers on the album with him producing a few, is a joint project in the works?

$ETH is my bro for life, we’ll always make hits. A joint project is possible. We already have a few songs done.

5. Whats next?

Next is shows. I’m working on leveling up my performances. Hoping to really give people something to remember. I’ll also be working on new music all the time. That never stops.

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