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[Music Video] Rockwelz – “Get Da Strap”

[Music Video] Rockwelz – “Get Da Strap”

Friday, 21 September 2018
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Seasoned artist Rockwelz is creating a slight media frenzy with his latest single “Get Da Strap”. Both the single and video are available for streaming at

“Get Da Strap” is a compelling record that forces mankind to re-evaluate life’s value and worth. It encourages people to firmly stand up for their beliefs. Rockwelz reminds us not to become weak or brainwashed into thinking violence equates to strength and popularity. His thought provoking lyrics and chilling visuals set the tone for this hair-raising masterpiece.

Rockwelz on making “Get Da Strap”:

“It takes a real man and courage to stand for something. Disagreements will happen but its up to us to decide how much our lives are worth. Before we can look to others to value our lives it will always start with US. There’s never been anything soft about LIVING for our families, when the latter is DYING for nothing!”

Watch “Get Da Strap” below.


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