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New Music: Cory O & Raquel Divar – The Reign (EP)

New Music: Cory O & Raquel Divar – The Reign (EP)

Thursday, 30 August 2018
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Portland, Oregon bass music producer Cory O and MC Raquel Divar are excited to announce the release of their new EP The Reign.

On this five-track EP, Cory and Raquel skillfully combine elements of trap, bass music, grime, double time, rap, and hip-hop to create their own genre they have deemed “rap forward electronic music.” The duo had this to say about the title of their EP release.

“We ride between the electronic and hip-hop worlds, we’re just trying to create something different.”

The Reign also alludes to the fact that is their zone, their lane, and what they do. Influenced by their own real-life experiences in Portland, The Reign touches on the west coast weed culture on “Runners Anthem” and politics, namely the Portland protest following the Trump election on “Snakes In The City.” Cory and Raquel’s style brings to mind artists such as Foreign Beggars, Run The Jewels, and Spark Master Tape. Raquel’s powerful lyrical flow is the perfect compliment to Cory’s masterfully produced beats. Raquel often uses metaphor, most notably on “Smith N Wesson” featuring Alia Zin to display her poetic skills. Some could even liken Raquel Divar the Missy Elliot of bass music.

The Reign is now available on most major digital platforms via Cory’s own emblem Tomahawk Recordings.

Listen to ‘The Reign’ below, courtesy of Spotify.


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