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Sean Christopher Makes Waves in “Way Up” Video

Sean Christopher Makes Waves in “Way Up” Video

Saturday, 18 August 2018
New Music

Smooth, catchy and on-trend, Sean Christopher’s “Way Up” is everything you could ask
for from an emerging hip-hop artist. Its visual adds another element to the track, defining
Christopher as an artist with a current sound and a style from a time before him.
In a landscape where lo-fi bedroom rappers dominate the underground scene, taking on a
more traditional hip-hop persona is a bit of an artistic risk. Despite this, Christopher has
distinguished himself as a force to be reckoned with.
Detroit-born and Atlanta-bred, he has mastered the art of implementing styles native to
both cities in his music. The gritty nature of Detroit hip-hop shines in Christopher’s
demeanor and presentation, evoking feelings of the city’s own J Dilla, and his sound has
not so subtly been influenced by the success of Atlanta’s thriving trap seen.
“Way Up” is a testament to Christopher’s ability to camouflage into hip-hop’s ever-
changing flavor while maintaining his own resolute artistry. Watch the music video

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