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New Music: Notifi – “Won’t Get Lonely”

New Music: Notifi – “Won’t Get Lonely”

Wednesday, 25 July 2018
New Music

Toronto recording artist Notifi is quickly becoming a breakout star of 2018. It’s visible in the release of this new single, “Won’t Get Lonely”. Produced by Pro Logic and K-Notes, Notifi expresses his frustration with a recent breakup and assures that he will not allow the negativity destroy him as he finds another fish in the sea.

“Won’t Get Lonely” is the second single release, following his debut, “Dramamine”. Notifi prides himself on the his range, versatilities, and unique sound with the release of different types of singles. “Dramamine” and “Won’t Get Lonely” are polar opposites but are equally as good for the rising star building a strong foundation for himself.

Notifi promises more new music to come in 2018, potentially leading up to a forthcoming debut album/EP. In the meantime, enjoy the fresh new sound and get familiar with Notifi today. For daily updates on everythning Notifi, follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Hear Notifi new single below, courtesy of Soundcloud.


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