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New Music: Kxng Double ft. Rickey Rackzz – “Get in Yo Bag”

New Music: Kxng Double ft. Rickey Rackzz – “Get in Yo Bag”

Tuesday, 17 July 2018
New Music

Straight out of Chicago, Illinois, Kxng Double refuses to slow down as the rise to being a well-known artist in the rap industry seems closer than ever to achieving. Formerly known as Naybahood, Kxng Double has a vision that is steady, and has the support right behind him that he needs to stay focused. “My ultimate career goal is to be a Platinum artist with my own record label, and to sign or put the people beside me who are also talented in positions to win,” he said. Kxng Double looks to his daughter, Davinee, and other individuals who believe in him and his natural talent in order to keep the passion alive that he has for creating music.

The inspiration for choosing this career path came about after watching the movements of the Ruff Ryders and witnessing the amount of energy they would place within their performances and overall uniqueness. This led Kxng Double to feel a sense of freedom in pursuing his own career, which he ultimately did and has not looked back since. Looking up to other rap legends such as Jadakiss, DMX, Eminem, 50 Cent and T.I., he used his acquired knowledge of the industry and persistency to land gigs and performances in some venues throughout Chicago such as UIC Pavilion, REFUGE Live!, Subterranean (aka Sub-T Lounge) and Red Diamond. He has also performed in King of Diamonds located in Chicago & Atlanta, and in venues in New York and Indianapolis.

Kxng Double is getting his music and name heard throughout the states being that he has worked with hitters such as Tink, Lanipop, Chase Davis, Chimeka, Billionaire Black, and many more. He has also released multiple projects over the last five to eight years, with his heavy hitters of the bunch being a project titled “King Double” and another titled “Dope Shit Only 2.” Both of those projects did great numbers on the Internet and in the streets, and we cannot wait to hear what else Kxng Double has in store for us.

With that being said Double releases Brand New Single Get in Yo Bag Check it out below.


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