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[Music Video] Kayo Genesis – “Woke”

[Music Video] Kayo Genesis – “Woke”

Tuesday, 17 July 2018
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Three words describe Kayo. Soul + Purpose + Message. The MC embodies the aesthetic and spirit of the meaning of creative and boasts a progressive musical style. The Palmdale, native developed a loyal SC base not only for his evocative, intelligent conscious lyricism, but also his clean, contemporary visuals. His debut album will be released in 2018. “Woke” is the lead off single”.

“Woke” is a stream of awareness in a crowd of a matrix. It’s important to start thinking about how things function and how systems are made to keep people at a struggle in order to gain some type of clarity on their pursuit of happiness. Woke is a mentality that is to be broken free from knowledge and self reflection establishing where you are in the world, when you are in the world, and how you play a part in the ecosystem especially in the black community.

Watch “Woke” below.


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