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[Music Video] Layla – “The Mission”

[Music Video] Layla – “The Mission”

Thursday, 12 July 2018
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Several weeks back, Eritrean princess Layla, debuted her single “The Mission”, and this week, the songbird delivers her first music video for the single.

Layla strides around NYC telling her relatable tale of young minded infidelity. “The Mission” is based on a true time in her life, and now, she’s letting her trifelin boo know that she is done with the lies, falsity, and betrayal.

“I wrote “The Mission” last year, between New York and Budapest. Both times I was drunk, upset, and writing about the same guy. This song is something that I believe everyone has experienced at least once in their life.”

The Classixs Beats – produced single will be featured on her forthcoming EP, titled NOMAD, which defines who she is. Moving from place to place has been her circumstance for most of her life, and her most impactful experiences have never occurred in the same place, and due to that, she doesn’t feel tied to any one place, however, feels fondness for many places.

Watch “The Mission” below.


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