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[Music Video] Monahlyan – “You Remind Me/Tell Me”

[Music Video] Monahlyan – “You Remind Me/Tell Me”

Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Music Videos

Boston’s songstress Monahlyan has been growing in front of our eyes as a very talented act with her covers of classic R&B. Now, ready to show her love to the world, Monahlyan drops off a visual to accompany her recent releases in the two-in-one music video, “You Remind Me/Tell Me”.

Shot in the Boston streets, Monahlyan showcases her seductive, smooth, and natural abilities vocally and looks stunning while doing it. The video tells the traditional love story of finding everlasting love and the ups and downs that come with it. Simple but elegant, it’s an exceptional start for the new artist.

First came the song, then came the video, now comes the debut album from Monahlyan. No official word an album or EP release at press time; however, expect to hear a lot more from Monahlyan as her stock continues to rise.

Stay tuned for everything Monahlyan, follow the rising star on Instagram today.

Watch the new video from Monahlyan below.


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