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[Music Video] Max Prez – “Inner G”

[Music Video] Max Prez – “Inner G”

Wednesday, 13 June 2018
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Releasing his new album back in February, Richmond, Virginia recording artist Max Prez began receiving a lot of attention for his hot new sound, especially with the album’s title track. Capitalizing on the rising success, Prez unveils the album’s title video, “Inner G”.

Suited and booted with a swagger on full tilt, Max, accompanied by two lovely ladies, is superfly in new video. The return of the mack, Max recites a flashy couple of verses lead by a catchy hook as the women supply the undeniable eye candy. Awakening a no-nonsense eligible bachelor, Max delivers his best music to-date with his new installment in his catalog. Showing a very bright future for the up-and-coming star who originally didn’t have intentions of being a superstar singer/songwriter.

‘Inner G’ is Max Prez fourth album, following his 2017 effort, ‘The Third House’ (July 2017). Originally began pursuing music at 14-years-old, Max sought a career after college in 2009. Ever since, the rising star has continuously released new music to his accruing fanbase.

Prez’s new album, ‘Inner G’ is available everywhere now. Stay updated on everything Max Prez on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat today.

Watch “Inner G” below.


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