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Artist Rafayel Releases Brand New Summer Hit “Medicine”

Artist Rafayel Releases Brand New Summer Hit “Medicine”

Monday, 04 June 2018
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Straight out of Lawrence, Massachusetts with an adamant disregard to the mumble rap trend that is found within hip-hop today is new rising artist Rafayel. Aside from his great knowledge of the genre, Rafayel displays his knack for wordplay and lyrical precision specifically with his latest single “Medicine.” For this single Rafayel collaborated with Mizter Tokka and TheBeatplug, to create what they are considering a true summer banger.


Medicine – Single by Rafayel

Album · 2018 · 1 Song. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.


Your single “Medicine” touches in the topic of drug use pills preferably because of your cover art. Are you an active drug user and do you use them for artistic purposes?
No I’m not an active drug user nor do I promote drugs at all. The pills on the cover art are a metaphor to a deeper rooted message when it comes to what I represent as an artist which is the opposite of mumble rap and the stigma that follows those particular types of Artist who glorify substance abuse. The song should symbolize that the craftsmanship behind the lyrics and bars are the drug itself basically saying we don’t do drugs we are the drug. The drug we represent is skill, lyrics and craft. The Medicine is the cure to mumble rap and substance abuse although the art could easily be interpreted differently that’s not what we represent once you dive into the song itself.

On the cover art for medicine you have the words “Craft, Lyrics and Bars”. Can you explain the reasoning why you emphasized that?
Again like I discussed on question 1 craft, lyricism, and Bars are crucial elements to Hip hop in my opinion and currently hip hop is saturated with none lyrical substance as if lyrics don’t matter which is sad; I on the other hand represent commercial appeal while bringing real messages to the forefront that resígnate with people in a more in-depth way. Real stories, real emotions with real subliminals that will elevate the listeners mindset instead of influence them in a negative manner.

Do you have other songs that are related to drug use? Or do you have other songs with different concepts. How important is it to have a balance between songs that promote drug use vs. content that doesn’t?
My songs are very diverse and range from personal experiences, other peoples experiences and varies depending on the instrumentation and my feelings towards the sounds in which I choose to paint my picture through words with. It’s very important for me to speak my truths and i find balance within my honesty and my approach to the songs. Some songs will speak about relationship failures, different views and peoples perceptions and some songs will be witty using certain references that are up for listener interpretation but ultimately I give listeners a plethora of different sounds and different concepts so that they never feel bored of the same execution on songs and I never talk about doing drugs that’s not what I’m here for nor what my team represents. That’s how I have fun with it and that’s how I’ll continue growing as an artist and how my potential supporters and current supporters will grow alongside me.

What can we expect from you next?

Growth, recognition and respect for what we intend to accomplish within this musical realm. We are after the legacy and the rewards that come with being one of the greatest minority writers this industry has seen in a long time if that’s possible and we think it is.

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