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Artist Big Steph is Making Quite the Buzz on the East Coast

Artist Big Steph is Making Quite the Buzz on the East Coast

Monday, 30 April 2018
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Big Steph is creating more than a “buzz” up and down the East Coast as he strives to become the epitome of the hip-hop culture. Establishing himself out of Rahway, New Jersey where he was born and raised, Big Steph has a brand that is picking up steam, and we can now comprehend why his music influencers are artists such as Fetty Wap, SZA, Chad B, and Fatboy SSE, all strengthening the music footprint for the northeastern state as well.

Always having an interest in music, Big Steph started to take the career seriously in 2015 and that is when an artist emerged.  He recalls coming up listening to Lil Wayne, admitting his creativity as an artist and his rhyme scheme is what gave him guidance to become who he is now and why he continues to listen to Wayne’s lyrics.

As an artist, Big Steph appreciates everything from the culture, the history and the players of the game. Studying how it operates, his personal music roadmap is filled with strategic and impactful career moves not only locally, but nationwide in several planned out of state performances, which will, in turn, direct him to global advancements in the music industry.

Being multi-talented on the stage comes naturally for this rising artist as he is lyrically potent, energetic and puts on an exciting show. His raw yet upbeat style influences and inspires his fans who describe him as a well-versed recording artist acknowledged for his collaborative style and dope flow. Others describe his flow as a perfect balance between the new and old ages of hip hop — a catchy sound of new music today.

Big Steph’s other life inspirations are Drake, Fabolous, Meek Mill and Usher, artists he soon hopes to collaborate with in the future.

Off of the stage, he is deeply entrenched in the music business beyond just being an artist. He loves the creative side or writing and recording.

Big Steph has embraced the publicity side by making appearances, partaking in shows and networking throughout the states as he builds his fan base and increases his geographical span as he distributes his music.

As an unsigned independent artist, Big Steph has been spending a lot of time in the studio and on the stage performing as much as he can. He is focused on perfecting his craft and creating a body of work that will capture and stick with new and old fans. This determined artist is constantly evolving and is aiming high for goals as his name travels with his music waves.

With his organized movement and well thought out approach, he plans to continue to level up on the stage and who he shares it with.  Watch out for this shining star as his highly anticipated project titled “Long Story Short” debuts soon. It is scheduled to be released Spring 2018, along with some storytelling visual projects and a tour.

In the meantime, connect with him on social media at the links below, and stay tuned as he has plans for a promising music career ahead of him.

Ig and twitter @bigsteph732

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