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[Music Video] Bates – “Suge Knight”

[Music Video] Bates – “Suge Knight”

Wednesday, 18 April 2018
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One of the most anticipated visual releases from Bates thus far, “Suge Knight” is an explosion of emotion, depicting the innate fear that accompanies the streets and the misfortune of being a victim of unforeseen circumstance.

With fellow emcee T-Dubb-O and Midwest lyrical legend Kenny Knox, pumping adrenaline through the track from beginning to end, Bates shifts into gear with Suge Knight; bringing more fervor and zeal than any other underground, female lyricist. “Suge Knight” produced by super-producer TRUE On Tha TRAC.

The self-directed production is the fourth visual from the femcee’s forthcoming album, ‘Strange Woman’ and sets the stage for an incline of dynamic visual releases leading to Bates’ collaboration album with super producer Major88Keys, One God, which is due out Summer 2018.

Watch “Suge Knight” below.


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