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Dallas Clark – ‘February GodChild’ (EP)

Dallas Clark – ‘February GodChild’ (EP)

Tuesday, 03 April 2018

In the self-aware and do-it-yourself generation, Dallas Clark is taking destiny into his own hands with his decision to pursue music. Taking pride in his creative talents and uniqueness, his rhymes reflect his firsthand experiences and principles. Evident in his latest release, ‘February Godchild’, Dallas Clark is ready to become the rapper that puts his hometown, Dallas Tx., on the map.

Dallas Clark is dedicated to delivering the best music to his fans. Allowing his creative juices to take over during his music process, beat selection serves as a muse and inspires the dope rhymes he releases, “It’s rare that I go into a beat with a preconceived though. I feel like determining an idea first hand forces you to search for a compatible beat.” As a free-spirited individual, Dallas Clark believes in allowing his emotions, self-reflection, and marijuana to guide him while making music. He teaches a lesson by merging current energy with past experiences, so that he can offer insight to anyone who may encounter similar experiences.

His lyrics captures moments of his live involving past relationships, lessons learned, and the circumstances that helped mold him into the man and artist he is today and striving to be.

6-track mixtape entitled, ‘February Godchild’. Prelude to upcoming project, “The Nino Clark Story” release TBD. February Godchild encompasses clever, passionate lyrics while beat selections ranges from harmonic and subtle, to intense and gritty.

Hear Dallas new EP, “February GodChild” now.


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