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Zach Mitchell – “Sauce”

Zach Mitchell – “Sauce”

Tuesday, 27 March 2018
New Music

Began creating music at 6-years-old, Zach Mitchell grew up a child of the business appearing in national campaigns and Disney Channel shows. Now 19, Zach is ready to beginning a promising career in music with the release of his debut single, creatively-titled, “Sauce”.

On the track, Zach is courting a PYT with a few flirtatious bars and a catchy melody hook. Feeling his style, the recording artist details how his lady is riding the wave and loving every minute of it. “Sauce” is sticks to the current trend of mid-tempo sound that is infecting the airwaves right now. Fitting right in pocket with the popular crowd but moving in his own lane to the leader of the new school.

Zach Mitchell is a triple-threat, songwriter, engineer, and producer. Instilled with the aspirations to become one of the biggest stars in music. Mitchell is a act ready to takeover 2018.

Listen to “Sauce” above, courtesy of Spotify.


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