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Jersey’s Rising Star OnlyJahmez Talks Background, SXSW Debut, & More w/ R&H

Jersey’s Rising Star OnlyJahmez Talks Background, SXSW Debut, & More w/ R&H

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

SXSW is annually the hottest time in music for discovering the future’s next big acts. One of the shining new talents making his way up to Austin to shine, is New Jersey trending recording artist, OnlyJahmez. Best known for his freestyle remixes and breakout track, “Tarzan”, OnlyJahmez is showing a lot of promise and looking for SXSW to be his defining moment to trailblazing breakout. Before the big moment, we got a chance to chat with the new artist to find out a little backstory and where he is headed in 2018. Meet New Jersey’s OnlyJahmez.

Whereabout New Jersey are you from? North or South Jersey?
I’m from Clayton, New Jersey, the “burbs”. A lot of people get stuck there they just want to be accepted by their peers and stay. I was the outcast. I was weird compared to everyone else.

How did you discover music?
Music has been in my life since I was born, since I came out the womb. My dad was always playing music, he had a system in his car. It’s just always been around, music of all different sorts and sounds. I always used to rap at the lunch tables, that’s where it started. I remember I was bored, on punishment one time, playing matchbox cars, you know Hot WheeIs, and then I just started writing. I didn’t do my Summer reading so I had to stay inside that Summer.

I just wasn’t feeling the assignments and if I’m not into it I’m simply not doing it but I had a computer and I started hacking and downloading software so I said fuck it and started putting it to use like Logic software.

“…The best way I can describe if I had to put it in a box… Unprotected sex every night with a different girl. What am I going to get from this? Whats going to happen?…”

Tells about a few of your inspirations?
This is easy, Chief Keef, Beethoven, Eazy E, and Jesus.

These are the people I listen to when I’m driving my car; they make me happy. As far as influencers go they come randomly at any given time, so those change for me often. Some days, I wake up and its this or that I want to hear. I definitely draw a lot of influence from Eazy and Chief.

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Tell us about artists you’d like to work with?
Use to want to work with damn near everybody. As far as artists to work with, I really would like to work with Chief or Chance or Fetty, especially being that he comes from Jersey. Drake… I don’t know, everybody likes Drake.

Eh, I might work with them you never know. I want to work with someone people are confused that they chose me to feature. Like John Legend… They’d be like, “They did a song together?!” I want that.

You’re versatile, If you were told to describe your sound, how would you describe it?
It’s like… The best way I can describe if I had to put it in a box… Unprotected sex every night with a different girl. What am I going to get from this? Whats going to happen? Its random ups and downs very moody. Can be contradicting at times or just like what the fuck? I really like to cause that question. Or something that truly touches people to make them joyful.

SXSW in the plans this year?
Definitely. This is my first time so I am going to get lit and perform. Network best I can. I always wanted to go. Crazy to think I would perform there honestly. I was broke so I only imagined going to Texas and now Ill be performing for people I don’t know which is cool. I just really want to take pictures and have a good time.

Any shows or tours coming up?
Official tours… No. Right now I’m cookin’ up some shit, my album will be out in April, from that point on, I plan to be touring everywhere. As far as shows go, I perform all the time in Jersey.

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Besides yourself, who are some other names buzzing around Jeresey?
There are people working everywhere. Aren’t we all moving towards something? I don’t see anybody sitting still. Jersey has a major wave coming there is more than plants growing in the garden. There is a lot of things coming out of Jersey but in my opinion. I just see everyone trying to get out of Jersey. I feel like we don’t support each others careers and instead try to hurt them. This goes for rappers, party hosts, DJ’s and even venue owners. Niggas show no love out here especially if you’re not like everybody else.

Your recording process… How does it work?
Very… Random.

Sometimes I make a beat from scratch then do vocals. Sometimes I just say shit in the shower. Shit, I’ll download youtube beats. I don’t like structure. I write music and I do freestyle I’m not the best at it but it helps my process. The best time I make the coolest shit is when I’m not intentionally trying to make anything at all. I don’t ever sit and write. I hear a beat, write, and record.

Where do you see yourself at the end of 2018?
Judging off how random everyday is I really don’t know. I could be sheesh… I could be anything. See anything can happen so that question kind of scares me. I think what is most important is that I see myself not where I am right now at the end of 2018. Whatever God has in store for me will be.

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