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Positive vibes is all Brooklyn artist MoH Preme looks to promote on his latest single “NRG”

Positive vibes is all Brooklyn artist MoH Preme looks to promote on his latest single “NRG”

Monday, 26 February 2018
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Straight out of the “50’s” Flatbush, Brooklyn, is Haitian American rapper MoH Preme. However, preme isn’t your average artist. Instead in addition to his lyrical skills, he is an accomplished poet. Who manages to a shift seamlessly between poetic flows and straight spitting.
Preme credits his humble beginnings to his time at Penn State where he and his boys would cyph all in good fun. Though after hearing how hard his freestyles were, his friends instantly noted his potential pushing him to start taking his craft more seriously

Since then he’s shared his talents all over the country performing at local art galleries and larger stages. With each stage, he’s become more and more comfortable. Becoming able to almost master the crowd interaction experience. As he evolves the podium rapper has managed to switch his sound every so often from freestyles to more full tracks such as his debut single “NRG”.

The debut of this single is one close to MoH seeing as though it came about through an intimate conversation between him and his brother

“ my bro and I were talking about the unlimited amount of (nrg) energy we possess as humans and how harnessing it can make anything you put your mind to possible. After that conversation, I decided to focus on music and stay away from my weakness, women and anything negative.”

Sticking to his word, Preme is still focused on the music and working on releasing a full project very soon.

In the meantime, Check out “NRG” below.

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