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DJ KBK – “After Party” Mix

DJ KBK – “After Party” Mix

Monday, 19 February 2018
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DJ KBK Arizona’s premier Party DJ, was born in Baltimore Maryland and moved to Arizona when he was 6 years old, growing up he always had an ear for music making mix cds and tapes for his friends.

DJ KBK attended NAU in Flagstaff Arizona where he got his first start DJing in 2010. Then one event led into another and DJ KBK was soon known around Northern Arizona as a great party DJ. Winning such tournaments as the Redbull threestyle tournament and opening up for Macklemore for the Flagstaff portion of his tour rose DJ KBK to state wide fame.

The young DJ then funded and sponsored his own tour in 2012 traveling to 6 citiew around Arizona, DJ KBK continues to DJ in multiple cities and has done events for celebs such as Paris Hilton, and NFL draft prospects.

Get familiar with DJ KBK with his new mix, titled, “After Hours”. Hear below.


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