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[New Music] Menace the Prince & FatboySSE – “I Am Da Man”

[New Music] Menace the Prince & FatboySSE – “I Am Da Man”

Saturday, 13 January 2018
New Music

Popular Instagram comedic sensations-turned-recording artists Menace the Prince and FatboySSE team up for the release of their brand new single, “I Am Da Man”.

“I Am Da Man” is a very promising track for the two new recording acts. While Menace the Prince holds his own, FatboySSE’s strongly hilarious tone and presence overwhelms the song. The Philadelphia Fatboy is an undeniable force in both comedy and music.

Menace the Prince and FatboySSE achieved meteoric fame through a series of comedic antics videos like hoarding in celebrities homes, desperate requests for features with superstar acts, and shameful endorsement situations. FatboySSE success led to his current spokesmodel for Diddy’s premium vodka brand Ciroc.

Major Record Label are following the trend of Instagram public figures closely and signing it’s stars for to multi-album recording contract with anticipation to make millions off their success. At press time, no word on either Menace the Prince of FatboySSE singing with a label situation.

Listen, courtesy of SoundCloud.


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