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[Music Video] Lud Foe – “Suffer”

[Music Video] Lud Foe – “Suffer”

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Do you remember the classic NBA JAM video game? Well Lud Foe is officially heating up with the release of his new music video, “Suffer”.

The young Chicago superstar took reign in 2017 and looks to keep it going in 18′ as he unleashes yet another video today. The new offering is for Lud Foe hard hitting and bar filled “Suffer” record off of his latest chart topping independent project ‘No Hooks 2’.

The new Denzel Williams directed film is clean, not like the audio needed any more power. Lud Foe is bossed up and flexing in a simple but movie like visual that will be sure to have fans pleased.

Lud Foe remains strong although going through quite a lot in the past year, many may have been derailed but Foe has been dealing with negative energy his whole life coming up out of Chicago. The amazing part about Foe career is that everything has been in house, no label, no major feature roll outs, everything has been off the strength of his sound and YSN team.

Expect much more from Lud Foe in the upcoming months as he has already hinted a new follow up project!



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