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Boss Champs – “Follow Luv”

Boss Champs – “Follow Luv”

Thursday, 04 January 2018

With the start of 2018, opens the new line of up-and-coming recording artists ready to become the next sensation. Campaigning early is the catchy new artist from Hollywood called Boss Champs.

Champs recently released his introduction EP titled, ‘Carribean Casanova’. The new EP is lead by Boss Champs new single, “Follow Luv”.

“Follow Luv” is the breakout single from the new EP by the Reggae infused Hip-Hop act. The song speaks on the constant back-and-forth that comes with every lovely relationship. The song deals with the ups, the downs, and the heartbreak of love. Of course the story is told behind a groovy smooth Carri bean sound.

Boss Champs’ New EP available now via iTunes.

Listen to “Follow Luv” below, courtesy of Spotify.


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