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Sunday, 10 December 2017
New Music

Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Tory Lanez, inspired artist Jay Solstice,  is back at it again, bringing us the much anticipated follow up project, to  his 2013,  Mixtape Chrysanthemum Throne (under his former name J-Dice), and his more recent 2015 project  “Seasons”, later changing his name to Jay Solstice.

While he has been away for some time the release of his latest project “Carmina” is far from a disappointment.

Throughout the carefully crafted piece you’ll notice that in each single Jay touches on a wide array of significant topics from relationship issues, to troubles in his past. All of which leading him closer to what he considers

“Self discovery”

Everything From the electric vocal stylings of Andrea Valle on the single

“You Knew Better”

To the thunderous, “in the pocket flow” of Mar B on smooth yet edgy single


Jay makes sure his listeners are constantly engaged.

However along with his passionate lyrics, Jay has also been able to paint a very distinct image of what he believes in through video.

With the help of VideoGraphers Cole Eckerle & Bob Sweeney  Jay has matched his agile and aggressive flow with clean-cut visuals of the City of Camden  paired with the intricate instrumentation of Joseph L’ Entranger 

All of which have taken listeners on quite the simplistic joyride ride, you do not want to miss

“…His rhymes are agile and deceptively complex. It’s an East Coast record through and through, but isn’t afraid to push the sound forward.”-Trevor Smith (HotNewHipHop)

“…Solstice shares his thoughts about his authenticity, people trying to block his progress and more.”-Sabrina Palmieri (Revolt Tv)

Listen to Carmina Here!

Apple Music: Here

Spotify: Here


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