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CD-Ram – ‘Diverse’ [EP]

CD-Ram – ‘Diverse’ [EP]

Monday, 20 November 2017

‘Diverse’ fully encapsulates where CD-RaM’s headspace is currently at and the positive attitude that surrounds his life. After all that he has experienced, this project feels more like a victory lap more than a debut.

‘Diverse’ led by single “Through The City” that is quickly climbing its way to the top of the National and Independent Artist Airplay Charts is the sonic equivalent to work hard, play hard. From face value, what we are hearing in CD-RaM’s music is the bounce back after years of hustle and struggle. What you will hear are the stories of experience, the high and the lows that will soon lead to success.

His new album “Just Different” will be released on December 1st 2017, this album will take you on a none stop trip of good vibes and in your face attitude. Stay in the loop and follow CD-RaM along his journey to more success.

Listen here, courtesy of Spotify.


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