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Like Streaming, YouTube Views Will Now Count As Album Sells

Like Streaming, YouTube Views Will Now Count As Album Sells

Friday, 06 October 2017

Billboard has just revealed that YouTube consumption has been adapted into the calculating of recording album sells. Billboard music charts will now include YouTube views as a form of album/single selling.

While YouTube views would originally be used to certify an acts success but now artists views on their respective music van now be added into the overall accumulation of album sells. It is being indicated that 1500 YouTube plays will now count as a single album sell in the U.S.

Former legendary music executive now CEO of YouTube Lyor Cohen is being consider the face of this new deal as he has brought in other new deals with both streaming services and music labels. Forcing this new deal through and a quick enactment of this new statistic.

Atlantic Records is prepared to take full advantage of this new avenue of reflecting on the charts. In the past few months, Atlantic has signed several YouTube stars including Danielle Bregoli and Jake Paul.

More as this story develops.


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