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Hi-Tone – ‘The Voice’ [Documentary]

Hi-Tone – ‘The Voice’ [Documentary]

Friday, 06 October 2017

Hot fast-rising Los Angeles recording artist Hi-Tone continues to break Hip-Hop barriers. After releasing his latest video, “The Voice”, Hi-Tone takes critics and fans on a introspective journey in his new documentary also titled, “The Voice”.

The thought-provoking documentary shows the recording process of Hi-Tone’s forthcoming new album creatively-titled, ‘Price of Admission”. The 10-minute film gives people awareness of the uphill battle Hi-Tone has faced as a Mexican recording artist in the rap game.

Hi-Tone states:

“This is to show the world that my people and I are equally talented as everybody else in this music industry; they just have to start listening with their ears and not their eyes.”

Hi-Tone’s latest video has currently accumulated over 52k views on YouTube.

Hi-Tone’s forthcoming new album, ‘Price of Admission’ drops December 15th.

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