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Young Giantz – Western Expedition

Young Giantz – Western Expedition

Sunday, 10 September 2017
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South Central MCs Young Giantz release the music video to their lead single “Western Expedition.” While the colorful visual bounces back to West Coast gangsta hip hop with custom lowriders, it also pays a respectful tribute to MC Special One of the Conscious Daughters and their 1994 hit “Something To Ride To (Fonky Expedition).”

Young Giantz on “Western Expedition”:

“We’ve always been fans of “Fonky Expedition” by Conscious Daughters. Rest in peace to MC Special One. When Jelly Roll played us this beat, we knew exactly what it was and it instantly made you want to throw up WESTSIDE! So that’s exactly what we did lyrically. We named the song “Western Expedition” to tribute the classic!”

With West Coast G Funk as their foundation, the brothers crafted their 13-track EP 2000 Ninetiez with help from producer Dae One (Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg) and G-Funk veterans DJ Battlecat and Jelly Roll. This project also brings the brothers to Priority Records 25 years after their father, Playa Hamm released Paid the Cost with Eazy E’s Ruthless/Priority Records.

Watch below.


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