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Artist Jayohh newest track “Woke Up”

Artist Jayohh newest track “Woke Up”

Wednesday, 17 May 2017
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Recently I sat down with indie artist Jayohh to discuss his latest project “Woke Up” the Bronx-born rising star discusses what it took to finish this project as well as his inspiration behind it all! Check out the interview and the track below. Be sure to also check out Jay Ohh on social media and let him know what you think!

Q. What inspired you to record “Woke Up” ?
A. Woke up was inspired by me coming from a position where I didn’t have anything but where I  instead decided to take my life to another level it’s for the people that had doubt and didn’t believe in my success and now that things are changing I’m just flexing on em not allowing negativity in my life

Q. What does the track mean to you?
A.. It means a lot to me it’s actually my favorite song that I’ve ever made

Q. How long did it take you to finalize the track? took about 1 hour for me to finish the song I actually wrote the song while my producer was still making the beat

Q Whats Next?
A.More music more success more greatness & more hours of me working hard ..No days off!

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