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New single “Super Powers” By LV

New single “Super Powers” By LV

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
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Jackson, Mississippi is home to artist Lv who is not only skilled lyrically but also as a guitarist. Since high school, LV has tried his hand at multiple music styles all in hopes of finding his unique tone and place in the music world. While on this journey LV moved to Atlanta where he was introduced to lead guitarist Black Bear.

Together they created a full 6 piece band filled with other highly talented artist in the area, called “We Were Here”. The group has since found great success performing 3 or 4 times a week in the city of Atlanta. Though recently LV decided to work closely with Black Bear again, However, this time the duo teamed up with Pell who is also an established artist. After much deliberation they each deciding to work to create the song “Super Powers” .

The track itself has already become a success reaching over 5,000 plays on soundcloud. Though  LV is less concerned with plays instead he considers the song a kind of self-realization piece. Saying quote “We see a bunch of superheroes on TV, but often fail to recognize the real life superheroes both in our communities and in ourselves”.

While listening to the Track  you are immediately overcome by its kind of calm R&B feel, and its uniqueness incorporating a live band feel throughout the piece paired with crafty lyrics and a relaxed vibe.

Though for LV this isn’t the end the next step is touring and releasing, even more, music along with Black Bear on a collaborative project ‘The Bear & The Baby” it safe to say that based on the quality of the single “Super powers” this next project is definitely something to look out for.

Check out LV’s Super Powers Below

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