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Akinyemi – eurydice

Akinyemi – eurydice

Tuesday, 04 April 2017
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Up-and-coming lyricist Akinyemi [ak-in-yemi] hails from Queens Village, NY, grasping the attention and challenging the minds of his audience while aiming to connect deep lyrical sentiments of hip-hop with unorthodox samples. From the meaning of his name (“fated to be a warrior” in Yoruba), the 21-year old embodies his inner warrior in music as a determined independent artist while balancing his full-time studies.

As the weather warms up this year, Akinyemi simmers with up a few appetizers for hisfans, one of them being “eurydice.” The Queens native informs us on the Greek myth story with a twist of his own, turning education into imagination.

The record has an eerie opening and later followed by those nostalgic hip-hop flows where we repeatedly play back and ponder on the lyrics. With Akinyemi’s next upcoming releases including his debut project, summers, the Queens Village native steadily carves his path for greatness.


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