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Raps & Hustles Exclusive with Choppa Zoe

Raps & Hustles Exclusive with Choppa Zoe

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Hip Hop artist Choppa Zoe hailing from Palm Beach, Florida has certainly been making a huge name for himself over the past few years. Earning increased the respect and loyalty from the Haitian community, as he stays true to his roots on his tracks but in everyday life. Choppa Zoe kicked off his career in 2005, after the abrupt passing of his father while this was a huge tragedy it was certainly met with positivity when discovering a brother he never knew he had. Call it coincidence or fate, his brother Big Vegaz, turned out to be a successful producer with a professional recording studio in NY.

After a few phone calls and visits, the two quickly realized that they could both benefit from one another, with Vegaz noticing that Choppa was truly gifted lyrically. as months went on Choppa was given an opportunity to move to New York in order to be closer to his brother and set off his career.

However while the offer was great Choppa couldn’t bring himself to abruptly uproot his life, leaving family, friends and unfinished business. Though After watching his peers fall victim to senseless murder and jail sentences, Choppa Zoe decided it was time for a change.


In 2007, He and his twin brother took the 18-hour drive in their pick-up truck to New York City, there he was met with open arms by their older brother.

The duo now trio wasted no time hitting the studio to create solid tracks. As they worked and released hit after hit Choppa was able to Land a feature with the legendary Wyclef Jean on his mixtape/album “April Showers” when the track was released Choppa Zoe began to gain tons of notoriety and awareness towards his music.

Allowing him to gain some mainstream radio play, features and more. One pivotal opportunity was a major role in the web-series phenomenon “Money and Violence” which has amassed multi-million view counts leading to a deal with Jay Z’s top streaming company TIDAL and major motion picture film distribution arrangement with Lionsgate. In recent months Choppa has graced major platforms such as Sway In The Morning, Hot 97 and Power 105 FM as a guest of top personalities DJ Enuff, DJ Self and Sway himself.

Last week Raps and hustles were given the opportunity to interview the Zoe himself, In the interview with Blogger Jocelyn Rivera, he digs deep telling her about his life as a young Haitian boy in Florida and the struggles attached to that, all while describing his rise to success here is the interview below.

Q. I know in your DJ Self interview you spoke about how different it was being Haitian going up rather than how it is now, would you say your sense of patriarchy and open love for your country has changed from then and now

A. Nah I’ve always been the same. Never changed my love her Haiti has only got stronger coming from having a immigrant mom from Haiti I always had a strong sense of my country and I’m never afraid to call someone out when they claim to be a zoe and they’re not you can’t just claim it now honestly I hate when people fake it not afraid to put them in their place

Q. Where do you say inspiration has come from is it a person a place on experience

A. My mom watching her struggle and never giving up, coming from Haiti she always stayed true to who she was, my mother always supporting me in everything that I did and yeah, of course, she pushed school on being from Haiti and not having the same opportunities but she always knew that I was the leader and said whenever I said I was going to do I did it always my biggest supporter the place I would definitely say is Haiti and Florida The experience will always be music that wasn’t like anyone else that I was always connected to

Q. The track your most connected to

A. There’s no one track that I’m most connect to I just rap about real shit everything that I rap about is real and special to me I only create music that I’m connected to, any situation that I’m in I create for everything I make is basically a piece of the puzzle for something else.

It’s nice to see fans decide what they like but for me it doesn’t matter to me either you like it or you don’t, there’s a song that I put out called fake where I’m talking about girls who carry their selves fake( fake hair fake body) and I know that’s very different from the music that’s out but I don’t really care because that’s what I’m feeling I feel like when you just Chase your craft everything else falls in place I’m not a media puppet so I always do what I feel is right

Q. How would you describe your sound

A. people usually described me as having a kind of “jezzy” sound but the way I will compare myself to a cross between Ross and J. Cole so basically Street meets conscious

Q. What’s next for you

A. I’ll be releasing’s Zoe reloaded and then a few checks for the ladies “nothing new Zoey dollas” and “she know” “she know” will have a dope feature that I’m not really talking about yet so stay tuned


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